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We have handcrafted a selection of iconic and exclusive access experiences featuring wine, wildlife and South Australia’s hidden gems – all hosted by our passionate local guides.

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We design your itinerary with spectacular destinations choice and extraordinary experiences and We orchestrate each detail of your trip with genuine passion and excitement.

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Let's admire the contemplate and ponder at the excellence achieved in the field of arts, crafts and architecture.

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"Just wanted to say a sincere thank you for all that you did for our trip to Singapore. We had a blast and felt like we were living the dream."


"As always, you guys delivered a truly wonderful travel experience for us. Thailand was a great travel destination. The parts of the cities we visited were beautiful, people were friendly, everything we ate was ..."

Kate Cally

"Just wanted to say many, many thanks for helping me set up an amazing adventure trip! My nephew and I had a blast! All of the accommodations were perfect as were the activities that we did. We have such fond..."

George Bett


Travel Tours promises 'unbeatable' services both in pricing and quality.

Our History

HOTEL MARINA, a luxury boutique hotel located amidst the lush green landscape of Shimla, is a unique property with a rich history. This hundred year old property was considered one of the most prestigious hotels during the British regime. In 1941, just before independence, it was bought by the late Ramdas Thakur under the name Hotel Glenarm. In 1941, it was renamed Hotel Marina and accommodated forty lavish rooms, a fine dining restaurant and a billiards room. Until early 2000, the property was managed by Mr. Raghunath Singh Thakur, and so far has boasted a guest list that includes many of India’s topmost politicians, Bollywood actors and world renowned artists.